March 2024 Blog Post:  Embracing Spring, Growth, and Women's History-  A Blooming March at Eye Love Plant Lyfe

March 2024 Blog Post: Embracing Spring, Growth, and Women's History- A Blooming March at Eye Love Plant Lyfe


Hello Plant Besties! As we welcome the gentle embrace of spring, there's a renewed sense of life and growth in the air. At Eye Love Plant Lyfe, we're excited to witness our houseplants emerging from winter slumber, ready to flourish once again. This season is a symbolic fresh start, not only for our green companions but for us as well.

Preparing for Spring: A Season of Renewal

Spring isn't just a change in weather—it's a celebration of resilience. Our houseplants, having weathered the winter, are poised for a vibrant comeback. To ensure a successful growing season, I take this time to complete routine household chores for our leafy friends. It's a reminder that just like plants, we benefit from shedding dead weight and making room for new growth.

Houseplants may experience a winter hiatus, some even succumbing to the cold, but spring offers a chance at revival. It's a lesson in embracing change, shedding the old, and welcoming the new with open arms.

My Lessons from Plants: Removing Dead Weight

Plants have a remarkable way of teaching us essential life lessons. One lesson specifically is the art of removing dead weight. Just as we prune our plants to encourage healthy growth, we too can evaluate our lives and make room for positivity by removing elements that hinder our personal growth. Stay true to yourself and your space, just as you would nurture your plants.

Women's History Month: Celebrating Influential Women

March not only marks the beginning of spring but also commemorates Women's History Month. March 8th is International Women’s Day and highlights the importance of valuing and empowering women. In the spirit of celebrating influential women, take a moment to honor those who have shaped you into the person you are today. For plant lovers, reflect on the women who inspired your love for nature. Beyond plants, think about the women who have influenced you to become a better version of yourself.

A Glimpse Into Exciting Spring Events

Bridging the gap in our plant community is a top priority for me. Meeting you all in person is something I'm genuinely looking forward to. As we usher in this season of growth, I'm thrilled to announce some exciting events at Eye Love Plant Lyfe. Drumroll, please! I'll be hosting the first Plant Besties of Chicago meet, bringing together plant lovers to connect, build community, and possibly make lifelong friends. The Plant Besties of Chicago meet will be a fantastic opportunity to foster connections and create lasting memories. Stay tuned on our social media platforms for the big announcement—it's an event you won't want to miss.

Until our next update, take care of yourselves and your plants. Spring is here, and there's a world of growth waiting for us. Take time to go outside in nature and bask in natural vitamin D. Take in a deep breath and stay centered. Follow us on social media for the latest updates, and get ready to bloom alongside Eye Love Plant Lyfe 💚


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