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4" Peperomia Ripple Red House Plant

4" Peperomia Ripple Red House Plant

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Enhance the beauty of your plant collection with the 4" Peperomia Ripple Red Plant. This compact marvel features ripples of radiance that add an elegant touch to your garden.

  • Petite Powerhouse: Despite its small size, this plant is a true powerhouse, adding waves of charm to any space.
  • Radiant Ripple Red: The Peperomia Ripple Red features ripples of stunning red that will catch anyone's eye and add a touch of radiance to your garden.

The Peperomia Ripple Red is perfect for those who want an easy-to-care-for plant that can thrive in various environments. Its petite size makes it an ideal choice for compact spaces, while its unique ripple red feature adds charm and elegance to any area it's placed in.

Add this delightful peperomia plant to your collection today and experience waves of radiance in a small yet powerful package!


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