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Propagation/ Hydroponic Transparent Vase

Propagation/ Hydroponic Transparent Vase

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Transform your living space into a verdant sanctuary with our stunning Terrarium/Hydroponic Vases from Eye Love Plant Lyfe. Crafted with a harmonious blend of glass, iron, and wood, these unique vases redefine the art of botanical display, bringing a touch of nature's beauty into your home decor.

Designed to hold small plants with grace and elegance, our terrarium/hydroponic vases effortlessly blend form and function, creating captivating focal points in any room. Whether you're a seasoned plant enthusiast or just beginning your green journey, these vases offer the perfect canvas for nurturing your favorite botanicals.

Let the interplay of glass, iron, and wood infuse your surroundings with rustic charm and natural allure, adding a breath of fresh air to your interior aesthetic. Whether used as propagation vessels or simply as decorative accents, our vases invite you to embrace the beauty of greenery in every corner of your home.

Elevate your decor and breathe life into your space with our Terrarium/Hydroponic Vases. Embrace the art of botanical styling and create your own green oasis today.

Available in three distinct sizes - 16x14 CM (6.3x5.5inch), 21x16 CM (8.3x6.3inch), and 28.5x16 CM (11.2x6.3inch) - these versatile vases cater to any space, whether adorning your tabletops, shelves, or windowsills.

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